Will my products be wrapped?

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We will wrap your products with Furoshiki (wrapping cloth).
Please note that the color of the Furoshiki is automatically selected by our partner warehouse and you cannot choose it.


Can you wrap the products individually in my order?

We do not offer individual product wrapping. If you wish to have an products wrapped individually, you will need to split your order, but please note that the total cost of shipping may be higher in this case.
If the total volume of products in your order is too large, we will send your order without wrapping and put one Furoshiki into the box. Please note that due to the system of our distribution center, we are unable to inform you in advance about the detail of wrapping.

If you would like to wrap your items individually, we recommend that you purchase additional furoshiki and wrap them yourself. It is not difficult to tie a Furoshiki, and wrapping it yourself will make the gift more warm and thoughtful. In Japan, there is a culture that a special power dwells in the knot that is made while thinking about your precious people.


Here is our Furoshiki collection page:


And here is a How-to-use of Furoshiki:


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