How can I get a discount on shipping fee?

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Usually, the more items you buy, the higher the shipping cost will be, but if you buy more than 38.11 USD, we will owe a part of the shipping cost. Shipping is free for orders over 47,500 Japanese yen, but it changes daily due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. Please refer to the top page of our site for the actual amount in your currency.


*Converted at the rate as of 23.05.2023


The amount shown on the cart page is the amount with that discount already applied as follows.

JPY5,000   (USD 38.11)   - 20%
JPY10,600 (USD 80.78)   - 30%
JPY16,200 (USD 123.46) - 40%
JPY21,800 (USD 166.14) - 50%
JPY27,400 (USD 208.82) - 60%
JPY33,000 (USD 251.49) - 70%
JPY38,600 (USD 294.17) - 75%
JPY44,200 (USD 336.85) - 80%
JPY47,500 (USD 362.00) - FREE
*(Converted at the rate as of 23.05.2023)


For more information, please also refer to our shipping policy page.



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